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"'Ello Govna" - June 7th 2018

"Interviews with Tennessee's governor hopefuls"
by Amanda R. Curtis

When thinking about budgetting, how to handle disasters and ways to succesffully lead a group of people, it's safe to say that most minds head straight for home.

"How can I keep our costs as low as possible so as to afford a better state of living for my family?" "Does my family have an emergency escape plan in case of fire or a plan of action in case of disaster?"

These are questions most families probably think about, just on a small scale. What if you had the responsiblity of thinking about 6.4 million residents that call Tennessee thier home?

You anxiety stricken readers just went into panic mode, but have no fear: the Governor is here. And Tennesseeans are about to elect a new one to take over. Are you prepared to cast your vote?

Elected by the people, the main role of the governor is to protect and serve. Sounds familiar, right? He or she is the chief executive officer of the state and duties include making sure to maintain a successfully operating state: Bonus points if operations exceed the expectations of the citizens.

November 6, 2018 is the Tennessee gubernatorial election to vote on the next Governor of Tennessee. Early voting begins July 13th, and primaries will take place August 2, 2018.

Over the next few weeks, we will be reaching out to Governor hopefuls to gain access to their opinions, stances and proposed policies.

This week, please meet Vinnie Vineyard. Vinnie is not your "normal idea of a typical running Governor." And, that's just how he likes it. "I don't trust the government. I believe at this time it is inefficient, wasteful, and incompetent."

Q: Republican, Democrat, or Independent? What say you?

A: Independent, on the ballot. More specifically, Libertarian. We've almost been brainwashed to believe politics is a two dimensional line, when really, the political spectrum is a grid. There are dozens of ways to get to a solution, and I believe that its sort of lazy that its only red vs. blue. Why would we as a people limit our views to "this or that" when there is a broad color spectrum, multiple options being swept under the rug and tucked behind the curtain?"

Q: What do you personally believe are important issues to Tennesseeans that need to be addressed?

A: "First off, the Healthcare system is terrible. I believe we need to set up a free market where no one controls where to get medicines and health services. In a free market, diabetics could order insulin online from Canada for pennies on the dollar."

I also believe school safety is an immediate issue. Schools are not safe. That's the unfortunate truth of today's society. I want cyber schooling for most kids: bodies on a screen looking at each other in a virtual classroom. Yes, there will always be bullying, but there would be less cannon-fodder, less need for armed guards or metal detectors. No need for students to look over their shoulders for bullies or keep their ears open for shots fired. Thier eyes and ears need to be focused on the education that will help mold them into productice citizens."

Q: Gun control. We hear these words spewing from the screen, Is it a legitimate issue, or is there an underlying problem that needs to be addressed instead?

A: "Right now, there are more guns than human beings in America. It wouldn't make any sense to "take the guns away." Everyone deserves the right to defend themselves. Tennessean's blood is from people that have come over these mountains. They have traveled across rugged territory and conquered what is now theirs, it's part of the DNA here. Humans from Cane and Abel are self absorbed, violent... we need to be able to protect ourselves from the evil ones. There is a huge problem in the US "Big-Pharma" is making it way too easy to gain access to mood altering drugs. It's easier for a doctor to prescribe a quick fix instead of getting to the root of an illness, and therefore people are not being diagnosed properly. Folks who normally would be civilized and self controlled are now unable to control thier actions and are coming to a "boiling point" quicker and more inappropriately. The product of that sometimes is mass shootings."

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